January 2010

Computer-aided interpretation

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musical interpretation, musical composition, loops library, virtual instrument

Computer-aided interpretation

Music is a question about interpretation and also about composing. Writing for the piano a symphony makes the harmonies sweeter and sometime the melody seems to rain with joy as the water games of a baroque garden.
Partitions aren’t quite the same depending on the interpreting instrument and fingers swinging on a piano do not have the same sound as the frenetic dance of a bow on violins strings.

On the one hand, from existing instruments recording we can built loops library and use it to create new compositions (as in the www.arbre-a-souhaits.com introduction), and on the other hand, we also create new instruments and interpret existing partitions with computer.

In the flash version of this article, you might let your imagination float by listening a computer-aided interpretation of the Mahler’s fifth symphony beginning.
This musical interpretation has been created to punctuate the animation rhythm of an irradiant crystalline ring on a Normandy beach with, on the background, a Harraca’s painting inspired by Mahler.

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